How do I customize my company profile?

How do I customize my company profile?

Click on the "My Account" menu on the right hand side, and select "Company Profile" in the dropdown.


Alternatively, you can click on "Profile" on the top menu bar and click on "Company Profile".

profile dropdown

Here, you'll see your profile page. It's pretty empty for now since there's nothing there yet.

Uploading a Company Logo and Cover Image

Click "Edit" to add a company logo and a cover image.

company profile

You'll be able to edit the company logo, the showroom image, and your company profile's cover image.

profile images

Choose an image from your file browser and pick your desired image.

company upload image

After uploading your image, you'll have the opportunity to crop it to your liking.

Balluun logo crop

Move the crop box with your mouse and resize it by dragging the corners. Now that you've selected an area, click on "Preview" to see how it'll look or click on "Crop" if you're sure you want to keep the selected portion of the image.

Balluun logo cropped

When you're comfortable with how the image looks, press "Save". If you want to start all over, press "Cancel" and start the process over again.

Company profile logo

Repeat the process for the cover image.

To delete any image, click on the trashcan icon next to the image.

Make sure your press "Save" to save changes to this page!

Entering Your Bio

You can also enter some information about your company so your customers can get to know your company better.

When you're done, make sure you save your updates.

Company description

Adding Your Website, Social Media Accounts, and Other Information

To fill out your company profile even more, you can enter in your website, your Facebook and Twitter pages, your wholesale price range, and the year your company was founded.

Social media

When you're done, make sure you save your updates.