How do I add a company contact?

How do I add a company contact?

To add a company contact, hover over "Profile" and click "Company Profile" from the dropdown menu.

Profile dropdown

Click "Edit".

Company profile

A company contact is someone that can function as a company representative - their user profiles will show up in the company profile. Also, when someone tries to message your company, only the company contacts will receive these messages.

By default, your company's profile will already have a contact - it's the first person who joined the digital community.


After subsequent users from your company join the digital community, contacts won't be added automatically.

Designating an Existing User as a Contact

If you'd like to add an existing user as a company contact, click "Add Contact" and then select a user from the "Add from Existing" drop-down menu.

Selecting an existing user will pre-populate all of his or her relevant details.

Add contact existing user

If there are no existing users, you can create a new user by entering the contact's email address.

Add contact create

Be sure to fill out all the fields marked with an asterisk.

Add contact fake contact

Pressing "Save" will send an invitation to the contact's email. The contact will then have the ability to create an account on the digital community via the instructions in the email.