How do I find products by a specific brand?

How do I find products by a specific brand?

There are a couple of different ways to find products by a specific brand.

Using the Brand Directory

First, navigate to the "Shop" tab.

Shop page

Here, you can browse by a specific brand or browse through the products on the community. On the left hand navigation bar, if you click "All Brands", you'll see a list of all the brands, sorted alphabetically. You'll also be able to filter the list of brands down to only the ones that you're connected with by clicking "My Connections".

Brand directory

Using Search

You can also search for a specific brand. Keep in mind that if you search for something while not in the brand directory, you'll receive product search results first. Click the "Brands" tab to view brand search results.

Search default

When you click into a brand, you can access products by clicking "View Products", "Showroom", or clicking into an actual product.

Company profile showroom

If you're not connected, send a connection request by clicking "Connect".