Manage Your Wholesale Needs Everyday

Manage Your Wholesale Needs Everyday

When you subscribe to an industry domain powered by Balluun365, you not only acquired a new marketing and sales channel, but also a set of tools (hosted in the cloud) for you to manage daily wholesale activities such as customer communications and order processing. In this article, we introduce some best practice on how to use the platform on a daily basis to manage and grow your wholesale business.

Promote Your Brand via Social Feed

 Social Feed is a constant stream of activities and posts from members in the community, similar to the Facebook News Feed. It is a great way for suppliers to engage with customers, generate exposures and build influence in front of a highly targeted audience. Through the social feed, you can share product announcements, links, news, pictures, documents and embedded videos, etc. You can also tag any user or company on the platform in the post who will then get a notification, provide feedback through comments and like a post, all of which are familiar social media features to interact with your audience.

Track and Follow Up with Leads

Leads come in in various forms, including:

  • a connection request from a potential customer
  • a private message from a potential customer 
  • an inquiry to a product in your showroom from a customer
  • a comment on your social post
  • an opportunity when a buyer puts products in your showroom to his/her cart
  • an order submitted by a buyer

When any of the above occurs, you will see an alert in the notification area (to the left of the My Account drop-down), as well as an email. 

In order to keep track and follow up with leads timely, visit the platform everyday, particularly pay attention to the social feed, notification area, and the Analytics page. 

Communicate with Customers

The platform provides private messaging for a user to communicate with another user, or another company. For suppliers, you can manage your daily conversations with customers all in one place. The private messaging system includes the ability to send/receive messages, e-mail notifications, as well as attachments including pictures or documents. Note that the customer needs to be a member of the platform.

Another way to communicate with your customers is through social feed. When you make a post, for example, a new product announcement, you can choose to make it either Public or Connections, so that it is visible to your customers. To trigger an email notification for your post to specific customers, you can use the tagging function: tag one or more users or companies in your post and those users/companies will receive an email reminder to check your post.

Write Purchase Orders

In addition to receiving orders from buyers, you can create purchase orders to proactively drive sales. This is especially useful for capturing orders while having live discussion with a buyer either at a trade show or over the phone. You can submit orders directly after finalizing the orders, or integrate with other in-house ERP systems for post-processing. 

With a complete and up-to-date showroom, creating an order on the platform only takes a few clicks. Each item in the order is linked to the product page, eliminating the manual entry of product information required by many purchase order systems, and making it much easier for buyers to review the orders. 

Write Quotes

Besides orders, you can also create quotes and send to prospective buyers. With a quote, you can add seller notes, update product quantities, offer discounts, determine shipping and tax, re-send the quote, or convert the quote into an order.