Driving Traffic To Your Showroom

Driving Traffic To Your Showroom

Having your showroom up and running is the first step towards achieving success with this new wholesale commerce channel. What comes next is to get traffic and buyers to visit your showroom. 

Step 1: Invite Existing Buyers

After your showroom is published, the first thing you can do to get immediate audience is to let your existing customers view your showroom. There are two ways to do this:

Grant Showroom Access to Select Customers

Go to "Customers" from the top navigation menu, and Add or import your existing customers. After that you can select one or more customers, then click on "Grant Showroom Access" where you can further customize your message and settings. Once the action is completed, an email notification will be sent to each customer with a special link to access your showroom. This is the recommended approach to invite your customers to view your showroom, because each customer gets a unique link to the showroom with custom visibilities. Once you add the customer list, you can also manage connections and communications with customers all from one place.

For step-by-step instructions, click here.

Obtain a Showroom Access Link

Alternatively, you can also generate a generic access link for your showroom that you can use in email or marketing communications. Note that such a link is not personalized, and everyone gets hold of the link can view your showroom with the same level of access.

Step 2: Attract New Buyers

Think of your subscribed Balluun365 domain as Facebook meets Amazon for your industry. It is not only your online wholesale storefront, but also a new marketing channel for new leads. Buyers find brands through product/brand search, social feed, paid advertisement, and other means of discovery branched off of these main channels. This means brands need to generate visibility in those channels in order to attract buyers.

Get Found in Search (Free)

When buyers shop for new brands or products, they start with category navigation or keyword search on the Shop page. It is important for brands to accurately assign categories to each product, and publish as much product details as possible. The keyword search looks for product name, description, category, and tag fields, in that order. Therefore, make sure the product name contains the keyword, e.g. “scooter”, if you want to rank higher when buyers search for “scooter”.

Besides keyword optimization in product details, having a proper company description with the right keyword strategy will help your brand rank higher on brand-based search.

Promote Brand Visibility and Influence via Social (Free)

The Home feed page contains various updates from brands, buyers, service providers, media partners and the community organizer. Every time a brand makes change to their company profile or upload new products, an update will be posted to the Public, Community or Connections, depending on the showroom privacy setting. In addition, brands can post an update such as product update, news or announcements (similar to making a post on Facebook), and choose to stream the post to the Public, Community or Connections.

The more activities a brand generates, the more exposure it gets in the eyes of buyers. The more public a brand makes their posts or showroom activities, the broader the buyer audience it covers. If you want to attract new buyers, consider setting your showroom activity to be visible to Community or Public. If you need to limit showroom access to only connected buyers, you can make it up by posting updates to the Community or Public, or initiating topics of conversation within the community.

Like any social media, the key to gain visibility and drive traffic is to generate relevant content on a consistent basis, and have quality interaction with members. Once you start taking actions, you will soon have leads coming visit you.