Discover And Connect With Buyers

Discover And Connect With Buyers

A platform powered by Balluun365 is not just a wholesale marketplace. It is also a B2B social network where suppliers connect and communicate with buyers. Once you have published your showroom, added customer list, and invited them to view your showroom, it is time to build your buyer network on the platform.


Connect with Existing Customers

In a social network, connections beget connections. Take LinkedIn for example, you start by connecting with people you already know, and expand from that first-degree network. Likewise, as a new supplier on a Balluun365 platform, you start seeding your network by connecting with existing customers. 

To do so, first, make sure that you have added or imported a customer list. Then, on the Customers page, select "Have Joined" from the drop-down menu on top of the customer list. This gives you a list of customers who already have accounts on the platform. To connect with a customer, select "Connect" from the "Actions" menu.

Note that you can only initiate connection requests with companies who have already joined the platform. When a company on your customer list joins the platform, they will be prompted by the system to connect with you. So after you have invited all your customers to view your showroom, expect to receive connection requests from your customer base as well. 

A less obvious benefit is that you can explore connections of your existing buyers’ connections, and directly reach out to buyers in that extended network. The larger your network, the more conducive for the technology behind the platform to work its magic to surface buyers you might be interested in as well (a feature to be released).

Discover New Buyers

There are a number of ways to discover new buyers on the platform. 

Receive Buyer Inquiries

After you follow the best practices laid out in Drive Traffic to Your Showroom, you are going to start receiving inquiries from buyers. This may come in the form of a connection request, a private message, an inquiry to a product, or a comment on your social post. Make sure to turn on email notifications for all of the above in Settings -> My Settings -> Email Notifications under My Account, so that you don’t miss any lead inquiry when you are not on the platform.

Track the Analytics Page

Visit the Analytics page on a regular basis (go to “Analytics” under My Account). This page shows you in real time who visited your company or showroom (in addition to insights and reports about your products and orders). This allows you to proactively reach out to buyers who might be a good fit with your brand. We recommend that you follow up with the leads using private messaging on the platform, in order to have a centralized place to track customer communications. 

Check the Social Feed 

When a new buyer joins the platform, an update will be automatically posted on the home feed. You will also find buyers making comments or posts regarding sourcing needs etc. You can check out the company profile and user profile linked from the posts, and connect or message the company. Form a routine to check the feed and make contacts with potential leads. It takes only a few minutes everyday, but it goes a long way in growing your retail network.

After you found and qualified a new buyer, remember to connect with them, so that your network on the platform visibly grows.