[Supplier Get Started] Step 2: Publish Showroom

[Supplier Get Started] Step 2: Publish Showroom

Your company won't have a presence in the Marketplace without a showroom. Showroom Management is packed with features tailored for wholesale commerce, and yet very user-friendly. To start setting up your showroom, go to "Showroom" on the top navigation menu, and complete the following essential actions:

Upload Products

On the "Showroom" page, select "Showroom → Products" on the left navigation menu, and click on "Add Product".  This is the process to add a single product. Follow the instructions to fill in all products attributes and click on "Save". If you're not ready to publish the product yet, uncheck the option "Publish on Save". You can publish individual or multiple products later on the "Showroom → Products" page. 

Adding a single product works well when you have a small number of products or you just want to quickly try out the features. If you have a catalog-full of products, we highly recommend that you master the bulk upload process which will make the task so much faster and easier. On the "Showroom → Products" page, click on the "Import" button, and follow the steps and instructions (including downloadable user guides) on that page.  

Edit Showroom Settings

Showroom Settings contains various settings related to your wholesale terms and policy, information that you would normally include in your purchase order forms. With your online showroom, buyers can directly place digital orders. On the "Showroom" page, select "Configurations → Showroom Settings", and follow the instructions. Make sure all the settings are correct so that buyers see valid information and form options when creating an order.  

Edit Privacy Settings

If your company has specific policy about the audience for your products and/or pricing, you should review and edit the settings under "Configurations → Pricy Settings". Balluun365 platforms provide suppliers fine-grained control over who can view what aspects of their showrooms. Product and pricing visibility can be adjusted at individual product, collection, brand, or showroom levels. The audience can be set as Public, Community, or Connections-only. 

Publish Showroom

As long as one product in your showroom is published, your showroom is visible in the marketplace, and is linked on your Company Profile page. You can individually publish product by checking "Publish on Save" on the Add Product page, checking "Publish on Import" on the Import page, or select multiple products on "Showroom → Products" and select "Publish" from the "More Actions" drop-down menu.



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