[Brand Get Started] Step 1: Complete Company Profile

[Brand Get Started] Step 1: Complete Company Profile

Once your account is activated, your company is visible in the buyer-facing "brand directory" with a default logo. Your company can be searched and viewed by buyers, so complete the profile as soon as you join the platform. To edit your profile, go to "Profile → Company Profile" from the top navigation menu, then click on the "Edit" button in the cover image area. Pay attention to the following 3 key elements:

Company Logo and Cover Image

Your logo and profile image should be of high quality, and should never be left empty. You can choose the cover image creatively to reflect your brand, products or special events etc. Note that the minimum dimension for the logo is 100x100, and 960x250 for the cover image, so select your images accordingly.

Company Description

It is important to provide information you want new buyers to know about your company in the Company Description. Leaving this area empty will hurt the credibility of your company, and risk potential buyers to bounce away from your profile. A carefully crafted, keyword optimized description will also enhance your ranking when buyers perform keyword search on brands.


List the key contacts for your company with their roles so potential buyers know who to reach out to for inquiries. The first user of a company is automatically listed as a contact. Make sure to add all representatives from your marketing and sales teams.


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