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Get rid of paper! Your ShopTheFloor digital showroom ensures that buyers are always looking at your latest collection whenever they are ready to shop. It comes with privacy controls so you can control who can and cannot view your collection. Even your existing buyers who aren’t ShopTheFloor members can be invited to visit your showroom. Allow the miracle of ”digital” to get you in front of buyers from around the globe.

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ShopTheFloor doesn’t just help drive you more buyers and leads, we also give you tools to better market your products.
» Generate easy-to-update digital linesheets to send to buyers.
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Leverage our digital order-writing platform instead of spending thousands to build and maintain your own. Generate custom sales quotes and let buyers place orders or process the order for them. Use our iPad app to take orders on the go, while in the showroom, in the store or at the show. You can integrate our program with your back-end for seamless order and inventory management.

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As a ShopTheFloor brand, you’re automatically eligible to be featured in one of our coveted retailer collaborations. Each season we bring in the top buyers to pick their favorite items from our digital showrooms and style looks. We then bring in the best photographers and models and feature the photos on our highly-viewed homepage, looks section, and emails.

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We know how important your work is to you. On ShopTheFloor, we have enhanced privacy options so you can share what you want with who you want, and no one else.