Top Coachella 2018 Street Style Looks

Top Coachella 2018 Street Style Looks


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90's Athleisure Coachella Fashion

90's Athleisure

A throwback to 90's style was popular among the Coachella crowd this year. Tube tops, track pants, sweat sets and biker shorts were paired with sneakers and tube socks. Popular 90's brands like Fila, Tommy Hilfiger, Kangol and Kappa made a reappearance. Comfort is key for this trend and an overall theme throughout the festival.



Desert unicorn Coachella Style

Desert Unicorn

Glitter, rainbows and pastel color palettes graced the fields at Coachella in this Desert Unicorn trend. Sequins crop tops, pastel denim, rainbow bodysuits and glitter lace skirts were a few key items that make up this festival trend.



Girl Next Door Trend at Coachella

Girl Next Door 

Sweet, innocent and pastel pink bring together this Girl Next Door look. Ruffled mini skirts, embroidered lace, soft garden floral dresses and light wash denim were seen throughout the festival.



Hell Raisers Coachella Trends

Hell Raisers 

These festival goers lit up the field in ‘fiery’ looks. Tube tops featuring checkered and flame prints, mini denim skirts, sheer blouses and trousers with large slits down the sides were paired with fishnet stockings and colorful shades.



Bad to the Bone Trend Coachella

Bad to the Bone 

These rock-n-roll festival goers took their western looks to the dark side. Fitted cut-off tanks, black denim jackets and mini skirts were paired with cowboy boots and bandanas. These western babes brought a little country to the festival.



Motocross Pants Coachella Style

Motocross Pants 

Motocross pants were a popular must-have seen on a number of festival babes. Paired with a fitted tank or tube top to glam up this boyish look, this must-have is a new key-item to hit the festival trends.



Animal Prints Coachella Style

Animal Prints 

Animal prints rocked out at Coachella this year. From colorful and traditional leopard and snakeskin prints that were seen all over denim, tracksuits, sheer dresses, mini skirts, tank tops and more.



Micro Shades Coachella Style

Micro Shades 

Tiny sunglasses were a favorite accessory this year! We love the oval shade that are meant to be worn a bit lower on your noise.


Fanny pack Trends Coachella

Fanny Pack

The fanny pack is a must for the festival season! With the re-introduction of the 90's trends it only makes sense that the fanny pack sees a comeback for festival season.


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