Inside Retail With Sprezzabox

As we close out Men’s Fashion Week we caught up with men’s fashion subscription company, SprezzaBox. The team shared key trends for the season, how they find inspiration from the city, and the best way to connect with buyers at the tradeshow.

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Give us your 10 second elevator pitch on your brand.

We're a men's fashion subscription company that curates a box of goodies, all delivered to your doorstep monthly. For $28 a month, you get hooked up with the latest accessories hand-picked and curated by our in-house stylists. 

What are the key trends you are shopping for this season? 

We're looking for more exotic fabrics and colors, outside of the general basics. Also fun patterns like floral has been popping up everywhere recently, so we've been incorporating it a lot in our looks.

What are 3 accessories that all men should have? A pair of double monk shoes, a floral tie and a nice leather briefcase. 

Do you have any plans to expand to women’s wear: We've had board meetings around this topic and we're still playing around with it. You guys will just have to stay tuned to find out!

Where do you find the inspiration for the themes for each of your curated boxes? We find a lot of inspiration everyday, just walking around Manhattan. Our boxes are inspired and named after different parts of the city. 

What is the process for curation of brands/products? The process starts when we find a brand we love and whose products are aligned with our style. After deciding on the actual product, we get some samples made and then production will follow shortly after. 

What are 3 tips you have brands that are interested in meeting a buyer at the tradeshow? Buyers don't like pushy salesmen, so nothing too "sales-y." Know a little history behind the brand - that's always nice. Throw in a few fun facts about the brand will make yours stand out from the rest. 

How would you describe your customer? Our customer is the guy who wants to look good and is into style, but doesn't necessarily have the time, knowledge or budget to dedicate to his accessories collection. And that's why our customers are so loyal - they truly see the  value in our service and products, and stand by us month and month again. 

What are some tools that you recommend to brands to help market themselves and get better exposure to the retail exposure? Digital marketing and social media are two outlets that have helped our business grow tremendously. Millennials are on social media all day long so when they see something they like, they're sold. And for the brands, it's basically free marketing. Brands should also be marketing themselves through any display advertising.