UBM Fashion, the world’s largest fashion trade show producer, has announced important changes to the 2018 New York fashion show calendar and market schedule. The changes were made after extensive conversations with the Accessories Council, other industry organizations, retailers and manufacturers, and the shifts reflect changing market demands.

In order to improve efficiencies for the entire industry, these changes focus on two key elements: One, creating dual-gender marketplaces, and two, adding, combining and/or reimagining existing shows, namely a women’s marketplace in June headlined by marquee brand Coterie.

UBM Fashion produces New York shows Coterie, Fame, Moda, AccessoriesTheShow and Pool Trade Show, Sole Commerce, Children’s Club, Project and MRket. After the January 2018 show, women’s accessories show Accessorie Circuit and Intermezzo shows will be blended into Coterie and newly created New York show Project Womens. In February and September, accessories will be neighborhoods in each appropriate show.

“As the global leader in fashion tradeshows, UBM Fashion has been seeing firsthand the dramatic changes in the retail landscape,” says Mike Alic, Managing Director, UBM Fashion. “From the growth of e-commerce and fast fashion and changes in consumer buying patterns to the importance of delivering lifestyles and experiences, we at UBM Fashion realized there was an opportunity, in fact a duty, to make real changes for our industry.”



Accessories are a vital part of the entire fashion landscape, and manufacturers and retail buyers of accessories and footwear will reap the rewards of the market reconfigurations.

“The benefit is the unification of accessories and ready-to-wear to create a more dynamic marketplace,” says Tom Nastos, President of UBM Fashion, who notes that the newly created June marketplace headlined by Coterie is the cornerstone of this. “In fact, accessories will be a significant part of the Coterie presentation, adding many brands formerly with Accessorie Circuit.”

To further support and grow the accessories industry, UBM Fashion has also teamed up with the Accessories Council in  various industry efforts. Most notably, UBM Fashion will partner with the Council’s ACE Awards, which are being moved to June to coincide with the new June market.

“As the world of retail shifts, it makes perfect sense that our market week and trade show dates would better align to meet the changing needs of our retailers and brands. We know there is not a ‘perfect’ date for everyone, but the logic behind this move makes a lot of sense for most,” says Karen Giberson, President, Accessories Council. “The power of UBM owning the bulk of the shows has been helpful to our industry and The Accessories Council is excited to support their team and our members with the new dates. We plan to realign some of our event dates for 2018 to reflect this new schedule.”

Shifting the May Market from May to June also allows the new June 10-12 New York dates to nestle in between NY Show Expo (June 5-7), Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market (June 6-9), LA Fashion Market (June 11-14) and Atlanta Apparel (June 13-16) as retailers make the rounds of regional markets.


  • January 7-9: Womenswear Shows: AccessoriesTheShow, Accessorie Circuit, Intermezzo, Fame, Moda, Children’s Club
  • February 26 – 28: Womenswear Show: Coterie, AccessorieCircuit@Coterie Fame, Moda, Sole Commerce, Children’s Club
  • June 10 – 12: Pre-collections: Coterie, AccessorieCircuit@Coterie, Fame, Moda, AccessoriesTheShow, POOLTRADESHOW
  • July 22 – 24: Dual-Gender: Project Womens, AccessorieCircuit@ProjectWomens, AccessoriesTheShow, Fame, Moda, Project, MRket, Children’s Club
  • September 15 – 17: Womenswear Show: Coterie, Fame, Moda, POOLTRADESHOW, Sole Commerce, Sourcing@Coterie



Source: By: Lauren Parker of Accessories Magazine