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Saturday February 4th 2017
Still reeling from another great FN PLATFORM? Take a look at the visual recap here!
Tuesday January 17th 2017
Its no doubt that the industry has changed drastically from this time last year. Following a year in which several large players made big strides on the web, traditional brick-and-mortar retailers didn’t fare as well. With store closures coming from Macy’s, Sears, and Kohl’s, the major department stores of yore are already having a tough start to 2017.
Friday January 13th 2017
RahiCali is a destination for dreamers, adventurers, and lovers everywhere. “Rahi,” which means “Traveller” in Sanskrit, embodies the wandering spirit of the RahiCali girl. She is young and curious and always marvelled by exotic locations and unparalleled landscapes. Her whimshical soul keeps her fun, daring and feeling limitless.
Sunday December 4th 2016
Every designer at some point in their career may end up being confronted with one of the biggest issues of "knocking off" one's designs. How can it be prevented? What can be done once it happens? MR Magazine posed these questions to esteemed fashion law expert Douglas Hand.
Saturday November 12th 2016
As we close out Men’s Fashion Week we caught up with men’s fashion subscription company, SprezzaBox. The team shared key trends for the season, how they find inspiration from the city, and the best way to connect with buyers at the tradeshow.
Tuesday October 4th 2016
Cat Footwear comes from a world of industry and action. A world where you can build anything. Where effort is everything. Where hard work pays off.