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Thursday February 15th 2018
Thank you to the city of Las Vegas for always being a great host to MAGIC.
Tuesday January 23rd 2018
The fashion industry will soon convene once again at MAGIC in Las Vegas, February 12-14, to get the scoop on the latest in fashion for the coming seasons. 
By: Lauren Parker of Accessories Magazine
Tuesday January 16th 2018
Three major vintage players talk buying, selling, and identifying what will be sought after in the decades to come.
Thursday January 4th 2018
Leading trend forecasting agency, Fashion Snoops, takes us through the biggest Fall/Winter 2018-2019 trends for women's, children's & footwear.
Thursday December 21st 2017
Everyone talks about how shopping needs to become more experiential to lure consumers, but some retailers are grasping this concept better than others.
By: Lauren Parker of Accessories Magazine
Tuesday November 28th 2017
Cyber Monday hit the races running and it was Mobile for the win! A $2 billion win, in fact.
By: Lauren Parker of Accessories Magazine